Mastering is the final step in the process before an album is sent to be replicated. It is the icing on the cake that can help a piece of music to shine  and bring out all of it´s facets in the best way possible.

The end goal is to best treat the program material in order to gain the optimum playback results on any medium.

In a changing world where music production has been democratized in a massive way, it is more relevant than ever before to ensure the music gets presented in the best way possible. This will help  your music come across as it was intended.

A good sounding master comes first and foremost from a good mix! In essence the better the mix, the less compromises are needed during the mastering stage to obtain optimal balance and dynamics in your music.


Normally stereo files are accepted, but it is also possible to send stems of your mixes, which makes for a combination of mixing and mastering and yields a great deal more flexibility compared to working on a stereo mix.

Splitting the track up into 8 stereo stems or a combination of mono and stereo channels up to 8 stereo channels are recommended for most projects in order for the workflow to be smooth. Projects deviating outside this are welcome too ;) just observe that with the rise of complexity the price for stem mastering increases as well.

We can deliver masters in any format desired by you, and guarantee full compliance to standards related to the medium chosen.

All common audio file formats and resolutions are accepted.

(please send material in the original bit and sample rate, as conversion can be done here with greater precision)

  • Price pr. Track Stereo: 40 Euro (plus tax)
  • Price pr. Track Stems: 70 Euro (plus tax)

For further details or a price quote please send a message via the contact page.